Hyperlink Error - Encapsulating page failed

Discussion created by San_TH on Jan 30, 2014
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I created 2 reports (A and B) using Crystal Reports 2008.
There was a sub- report in Report A that I inserted hyperlink with parameters pass to open Report B when user click on that link.

I deployed both reports on Clarity (v12.1.3) and BusinessObjects sever (v12.1.0).

I run Report A via Clarity and I got 2 messages when I clicked on hyperlink in report to open the Report B.
Message 1 – Log on to InfoView
And after I log on I got this error.
Message 2 – Error in File DST Project Summary Report: Encapsulating page failed

Please give me idea:

How do I skip prompt for the logon values? or pass it in URL/script
How do I fix the Error in File Report B: Encapsulating page failed?