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Loop Operator

Question asked by Juerg_Walther on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by Juerg_Walther

Hi Community,

I'm trying to work with a Loop Operator. So i created first the Loop Operator and added 5 operators. the loop operator should run Process.ApplBuchhaltungMTyp.size times.
- Javascript 2:
x = Process[OpName].CurrentLoopIteration/
Process.Typ = Process.ApplBuchhaltungMTyp[x]                // conatins either Service, Unixcmd, File
Process.CurrentBez = Process.ApplBuchhaltungMBez[x]   // contains the service name, unix command or filename
Process.CurrentSer = Process.ApplBuchhaltungMSer[x]    // Servername, applbuchhaltungMSer can have 1 to nn entries

Depending on Process.Typ, i created 3 Custom Ports. For each custom port i have a Operator (Service, ssh unix command, File Read (from the Process.Typ)

So my plan is to use the Loop Operator to run these processes as needed by the Process.ApplBuchhaltungMTyp.size (when Process.CurrentBez = Unixcmd, then execute Run_SSH_Command and goback to the Javascript 2 Operator).
The contents can be:
Typ         Process.CurrentSer Process.CurrentBez
File         Server1                    C:\\temp\\test.txt
Service   Server2                    TermService
Unixcmd Server3                    apached stop

But the Problem is now, that after executing the first iteration of operators within the loop operator, the loop operator exits (Loop Operator - Javascript 2 - Read from file 2 - Javascript 4 - Exit Loop operator) See screenshot below. I hoped that after Javascript 4 the Loop Operator restarts at Javascript 2 with the next iteration.


Thanks in advance.

Jürg (Juerg)