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Clarity Attributes not populating tables in DB

Question asked by CassieOakes4454414 on Feb 3, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2014 by navzjoshi00

I am looking to add new attributes and lookups into our BO Universe but cannot find data that is clearly saved in the application to the tables that they are tied to.  Is there a main app table that data is stored in but replicated to the odf_ca_tasks table?  If so, that replication does not appear to be working because I am getting null values for all three attributes that I can see in the app.  Are there certain fields that are designed to not populate db tables?  if so, how do I get this list and/or how do I force them to populate the db?

My db query was as follows:


select * --cv_stand_pg_cat, cv_region, cv_spcl_pages

from odf_ca_task

where last_updated_date like '03-FEB%';