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Oracle EBS - Invalid Oracle Application Credentials

Question asked by Xaveri on Feb 11, 2014
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Our client would like to verify that CA IdentityMinder supports the integration with Oracle EBS. Following steps mentioned in CA IDM connector have been performed:

1. Create a service for your Oracle client.

2. Configure ODBC on your Oracle client.
Note:You must install the 32-bit version of the Oracle Client package.
Now the next step is to create the endpoint. While creating the endpoint, I am getting an invalid Oracle Application credentials error. Though I believe I am providing the correct credentials but still it is giving me the same error. Does anyone have an experience in integrating Oracle EBS with CA IdentityMinder? If yes, help me with setting the correct database name and credentials. I am using a sample database 'Vision Demo Database' provided by Oracle EBS for training and testing.
PS: Please have a look at attached snapshots to get more idea about the error.