Changes made to SQL Query schemes for Identity Manager starting r12.x

Discussion created by Sagi_Gabay Employee on Feb 12, 2014
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Up to and including version 8.1 , CA Identity Manager would necessarily be installed on top of CA Site Minder. In case it used a relational database as a user store (also known as corporate store) then it would require a SQL Query Scheme in Site Minder to handle specific queries to manage the User and Group objects. When Identity Manager would interact with the relational data it would do it via Site Minder and would utilitize the SQL Query Scheme to execute these queries.

Starting with version r12.x Identity Manager no longer requires Site Minder. For relational databases Identity Manager will now use a queries defined in the directory xml file that defines the user store (corporate store). These queries will provide same management but will not work via Site Minder but independently between Identity Manger and the target database. It is imporant to note that even if Identity Manager is integrated with Site Minder it will still not rely and not need its SQL Query Schemes but will use its own.



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