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Questions on Chargebacks Concept

Question asked by RK_408 on Feb 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by Kathryn_Ellis
Hi All,
Iam trying to understand the Chargebacks concept in clarity and in this process..i have few questions.
Can somebody please be kind in answering my questions ...
For Example:
Lets Say Department A is providing the Service to Department B for some application development.
Department A is IT and its Location is INDIA
Department B is Finance and its location is USA
I will have to chargeback the Department A (IT) for Services that it provided to Department B (Finance->Consumer)
1. How many GL-Accounts has to be created in this scenario?  While Creating GL-Account,we have two options for the account class (Balance Sheet or Profit & Loss Account)
and account type (asset/liability/income/expense).   What options are to be selected for this requirement ? 
2.For which department (A or B ? ) we have to configure standard/debit rule ? 
3.For which department (A or B ? ) we have to configure credit rule ?
4.Are these rules  applicable for all the investments transactions globally for that department?  OR Is there any possibility to restrict to only 1 investment in the entire department to be chargedback?
  Just to test/trace how it really holds the data for few transactions of a single investment.
5.At what stage of transaction processing, debit and credit rule apply? Are there any calculation happening in the system when debit and credit rule are in place in clarity for a department?   Is it at Post Transactions to Financials / Post Transactions to Wip ? or At Generate Invoice ?
7.What is the Logic behind the Generate Invoice Job? How does it creates the invoices for each department ? 
8.How to see recovery statement in v13 ? Any access Rights Setup? I Can see Departments in Home and Invoice Link aswell..but missing recovery statement .
Many thanks in advance!!!