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Mobile authentication using JSF

Question asked by VVK on Feb 20, 2014
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We have requirement to present custom login page for an application protected
with SiteMinder. The custom login page should adjust the display for Mobile,
Tablet & desktop login.
So, we used JSF for developing the login packages for Mobile & tablet.

The setup was working well locally with no SiteMinder in place. But, as we
have integrated with SiteMinder and posting the form data to Login.fcc on
webserver, it is giving us an error.

Configurations done :-
1. Developed the login pages with JSF and using bean controllers we are
passing the Encoded HTML attributes to Login.fcc page
2. Created Form Based authentication scheme with protection level 4 and login
resource as MobileLogin.xhtml

Issue we are getting :-
User accesses the application URL from Mobile Emulator. User is redirected to
the Custom login page as defined in Auth scheme along with Target,
SMAGENTNAME etc. parameters.
He enters his credentials and request get redirected to login.fcc page i.e.
https://<FQDN>/siteminderagent/forms/login.fcc and we get the Internal
Server Error

We checked the logs on Webserver and I can see that it is getting error for
target URL. The logs are
f-5305d40c-cfd89150-036a385fa1ed][ProcessAdvancedAuthentication][Start new
solved Client IP address 'xx.xx.***.xx'.]
ving form template '/u01/app/opwam/tst02/webagent/samples/forms/login.fcc'
from cache.]
f-5305d40c-cfd89150-036a385fa1ed][SmFcc::setup][Error. No redirect target
found in namespace.]
unable to process FCC parameters. Returning SmNoAction.]
interface returned SmNoAction.]
f-5305d40c-cfd89150-036a385fa1ed][SmFcc::getCredentials][Error. No redirect
target found in namespace.]

The same setup is working locally as it is correctly displaying the values of
Username, Password, SMAGENTNAME, Target on a page to which data is getting
posted. But somehow it is not happening when we are posting data to Login.fcc

Can you please look into this issue and let us know where we are going wrong?
Appreciate your earliest help in this as we have very short timelines for

Revert in case you need any additional information.