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Cannot get Sendmail, wgnmilter and socket agent working

Question asked by rkodali on Mar 15, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2014 by devan05


I have the following setup

Linux - (Sendmail, WGNMilter)

Windows - ( External agent api with Socket agent configured with Remote Policy Engine)

Wgnmilter.conf was properly edited as per the documentation, config updated with RunWgnMilter and wgnmilter restarted

I do a quick sendmail from the linux box but nothing surfaces up on port 8538 on windows end, all registry settings are properly done, logs show that socket agent is started and listening on the right port.

/var/logs in linux show the email was sent from linux.

Is there any way to debug that WGNMilter is actually trapping the mail sendmail is sending out and routing to port 8538 on windows.

I started wireshark on windows to see if any packets are coming on port 8538 but nothing comes up.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.