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Linking Subobject to a subpage on a Task

Question asked by BrandiHeffley4451738 on Mar 15, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2014 by Chris Wuenstel


I have tried to find something similiar on here but have had no luck so far.

Current, we have a subpage on the Project page called Errors Found (Errors found is a subobject of the Project object).  When you do into this subpage you are able to select New, Enter the data, and Save.  This then tables the informaiton nicely for PM.  We have realized this is a nice feature but we need to have this on a Task subpage instead of at the Project level.

I have created the subpage on the Task and created a new Errors Found as a subobject of the Investment object (not sure if I needed to do this step).  But do not know how to get this to display.

The end goal is to have the page work the same as what we have.  I have attached some screenshots to show what we have now.  Any help will be appreciated.