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High level cost and budget planning - V13.3

Question asked by robert.muir on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by another_martink

We have upgraded test and dev environments to version 13.3.  Upon testing we have found that it is not possible to enter Planned Cost or Budgeted Cost as part of simple budgeting within the Financial Summary/Budget sections of ideas or projects.  The functionality appears to be forcing us to have financial plans on ideas and projects.

We have been concentrating on the Planned Cost field which is marked as Read Only within the attributes list of Ideas and Projects.  It cannot be unchecked.

It looks as though it is not possible to do simple high level budgeting anymore.

Has anyone else experienced the same thing?

UPDATED - Thought I would leave this up for others to refer to.....

I have found that this is due to the new function introduced as part of V13.2 for capturing Capital and Operating Costs.  Planned Cost is now a sum of the Operating Cost and Capital Cost fields.  These fields have to be added to views as per CA documentation but I have not found anywhere that mentions the change in function of Planned Cost.  I have raised with CA support.