Predictive Analysis Server

Discussion created by CMCN1982 on Apr 9, 2014
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Hi all,


this may be more of a Business Objects query but here goes:

Last November I was able to successfully uninstall BO from the C: drive of our Reporting Server and reinstall on the D:

Everything was working fine up until a few days ago when reports stopped working. We checked the logs and found that SIA was unavailable. Further investigation showed that reports were somehow pointing back at the C: drive location where they had previously been configured. When we ran a repair on the install, we were able to point them back to the correct D: location and now reports are working ok again.

We are just trying to understand how this could have happened. The Production servers were patched at the weekend. But we don't think that should have caused any issue. The weekend before, our test environment servers were all patched the same way and there was no impact to Reporting.

Also, when I check Manage Servers in the Central Config Manager the PredictiveAnalysisServer has a status of "Starting" and ennabled. Can anyone suggest how I can get this service running as the others are?