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Return data from 3 child tables into a parent section within WebI report

Question asked by MaxPemberton on Nov 8, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2010 by Chris_Hackett
I am new to BO, and am struggling a bit getting a report to work properly (or at least as I intended it to!). I have built a custom universe to bring all the data pertaining to the Risk object, in which as you are aware there is the risk attributes as the parent (ignoring the Project object) and three child sets containing Strategies, Notes and Actions (or at least these are the three I am interested in).

I have compiled a report which gives the Risk as a section and then in that section I am putting three repeating tables to show the Strategies, Notes and Actions pertaining to the risk. This works, but omits lost of risk records. When I take either of the two children out of the query it brings back all the expected results and shows the correct child data for the one left in (so I am thinking the joins in the universe are right). But when they query together they are obviously going against one another.

I expect this is a simple problem relating to how I have gone about approaching putting the universe together, or the query together, or something. Please can someone point out some obvious things to check off?.

As we are OnDemand users I am using Webi to create the reports, so not sure if this gives limited options in comparison with desktop, but this is what I have been told to use for ease of publishing to our remote server.

Your help is much appreciated....