Agents DB plugin connections

Discussion created by THanlon on Apr 23, 2014


   Let me start by saying I don't use dSeries. I use CA WA eSeries (ESP) on the mainframe running distributed systems workload,  but I have been instructed to post my question on this board since it's related to agents.

   Is anyone running workload using the DB plugin for WA agents?  We just started using it in the last few months with the upgrade to 11.3, and are seeing 800+ db connections associated with the agent, even though they are no longer active. They are using 3+ gig of memory and support is starting to get nervous. Is there anything we can check or set in the agentparm to resolve this?  I've looked thru documentation, but it's a bit limited on this subject.

Plugin is installed with the default setting




   Ted Hanlon, Windstream Communications.