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Java Script Calculator for Cumulative Metrics

Question asked by JKW on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by bwcole


I wanted to find out if anyone in the community had a Java Script Calculator that would provide current metrics from cumulative metrics. I have a few agents (MQ, Datapower as an example) that pull cumulative metrics. An example would be MQ Channel Metrics (Messages) or Datapower (Number of Requests, Number of Successful Requests). These metrics show the cumulative number, and don't zero out, until Datapower or MQ is restarted.

What I want to do is take a Java Script Calculator and subtract the Current Value from the Previous Value, so it reports the current number of Messages or current number of requests. JavaScript isn't really one of my languages, so I thought I'd ask the community and see if anyone had something they could share.