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npWbench Saving Error with v13.3

Question asked by nosreme on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by GaylanColledge


Help.  We are encountering a npWbench error message (Unable to save project CA Clarity PPM \<project name>.  An exception occurred.   when attempting to save changes back to Clarity v13.3.0.2 using either OWB v2.1.1 ( or OWB v2.1.1 (  Ironically, we still have a few test machines with OWB v1.2.1 ( and the issue can not be recreated with the old legacy version of OWB.    We have several projects that result in the error but also have some that seem to work fine with the new OWB version.  I have logged a Case with Support but wanted to know if any of you have encounter this with v13 and new version of OWB.

It opens the project from clarity just fine, but throws the error when you attempt to save any change.