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SSL Certificate Issues

Question asked by JeffMBland on May 2, 2014
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We recently installed a new self-signed certificate in our production environment.

The new certificate was installed to %NIKU_HOME%\config\New Certificate, whereas previous certificates were installed to %NIKU_HOME%\config\.

The NSA --> Properties --> Security --> Encryption --> SSL Keystore field was updated to %NIKU_HOME%\config\New Certificate\.keystore, and all services were restarted from command line.



  1. The Clarity UI accepts the new certificate, and is accessible by https.
  2. Open Workbench presents an Accept Certificate box each time it is launched, either stand-alone or from the Clarity UI. Regardless of which option is chosen (Yes, No, Save), OWB loads normally:
  3. We have a scheduled job which executes a process that XOGs out timesheet information in XML format. When the GEL script points to https://AppServer, the job fails. If I change the script to point to HTTP://AppServer and enable http in the NSA, the job succeeds.



  1. Is it hard-coded for OWB and BG processes to look at %NIKU_HOME%\config\ for a valid SSL certificate?
  2. If not, any ideas why these two elements are balking at the new cert?

Thanks for any help!


Jeff Bland

Architecture and Enterprise Systems Administration

Publix Supermarkets, Inc.