Webcast on May 15 , 9AM Pacific : Cracking the Code on APM Big Data

Discussion created by akean01 Employee on May 9, 2014

Announcing Upcoming Webcast – MAY 15.

Cracking the Code on APM Big Data

When: May 15, 12pmET/9amPT

Learn why Principled Technologies CEO, John McMains says advanced analytics is an essential part of modern APM.  Join us for an upcoming webcast on May15, 12pm ET/9am PT as he discusses the recent Principled Technologies research that led to this conclusion and describes how deep analytics can allow you to zero in on the most useful metrics in an ocean of data, offering actionable intelligence that helps you to ensure superior experience for your customers. http://bit.ly/1mIjKFv

Note : This webcast is right after the APM community webcast