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Cost plan error: REVMGR-20728: Rates and Costs are both missing

Question asked by matej256 on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2014 by matej256

Hi all,

I have one issue which I stil try to solve. It is regarding cost plan. 

User has one cost plan and when he tried to do "Populate from Investment Team" in the top right corner "Action" tab he gets an error:

REVMGR-20728:Rates and Costs are both missing for one or more roles/resources. - screen attached. 


According to older posts I've checked :

- I have only 2 resources in the Team tab, both are financially enabled(these 2 resource are used from another project team tab where this error doesn't appear)

- Rate/Cost matrix under the financial properties of the project are the same like in the hundreds of other projects(we have only one cost/rate matrix), so I assume it is not due to cost rate matrix. 


Does anyone know what should be solution for this issue? 
Many thanks for your responses