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Multiple Rates for an Open Role

Question asked by TGuzek on Nov 17, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2010 by Patrick Cooper
Does anyone know of a good way, without creating new Roles, to be able to reflect Multiple Rates for a role added to a project? For Example, I may have 2 open Business Analyst Roles on my project, I know one role will be an internal BA and has a standard rate in the rate matrix for it. But the other open BA role would most likely need to be an external resource at a different Rate, which we could load into the matrix. How can I set up the Role or matrix to allow for the difference.

the other similar situation is if I have 2 open developer roles where most likely one will be On-Site and the other will be off-shore. For resource planning purposes, it is the same role, but the rate used to generate the cost plan needs to be different.