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Multiple subObject tiers - any known issues

Question asked by AustinFlyer76 on Nov 18, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2010 by AustinFlyer76
We have a design that is considering to use subobjects of subobjects for better storage/use of attributes & relationships.

Has anyone ever heard anything before in clarity to be concerned about with using a multiple tier taxonomy of objects?

Today we only have master-sub relationships, but for this design, we might go Project > subobj > subobj to manage our structure levels.

We thought we’d bounce the question off the board to see if anyone had any history of using that kind of structure. We don’t have any known concerns at this time … however we do recall back in version 8 or below, there used to be an issue of when a user was in the lowest sub and they submitted, it kicked back to the project main page - not the parent sub and it was blanked. We are on 12 and this seems to no longer be an issue. Any other thoughts out there from anyone else that we should consider?