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Project tasks dates verification steps

Question asked by on Nov 26, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2010 by mlucas1
Hi All,

We are having issues where a PM is not able to set the Start date to a resource within a specific task.

The PM does get the field to update the Start date and he can specify any date he wants, but when he saves his changes the Start date is updated to something else, in this specific example, the date is being set to 11/22/2010.

I am trying to figure out things I need to check in order to understand why Clarity is doing that.

So far I was able to identify that the Task in question does not have any date constraints that would prevent the PM to set the Start date to some previous date and I saw that the resource in question is allocated to several projects with "Hard" allocation. I believe it is something related to the Resource allocation and his tasks on other projects but I am not sure how to verify that.

Anyway, I would appreciate if someone that had already have issues with Project tasks dates being updated by Clarity could just give a high level list of things we should verify in order to understand why Clarity is updating the task dates. Today this does not makes sense to me.