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Database updates from GEL script not showing up immediately on Change Req.

Question asked by Rob-FCB on Nov 29, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2012 by fpena
I have a process that handles Change Request approval that has a lot of GEL scripts to handle database updates based on certain logic from the data entered by the user.

I have a process that is set to auto-start on update of the change request. If the user fills out a new budget and/or new finish date it checks the data against the current values and determines, based on the variance, what the level of approval should be. (Bigger changes require CIO and CFO approval for instance). And once the script runs, there is a step in the process that locks down all of the fields.

The gel scripts work fine - I can see the data being populated in the database when I click the Save button.

The problem I have, is that after clicking the Save button, the screen does not change - i.e. the fields do not appear locked even though the process is executed without error.

If I refresh the page, THEN the page shows the fields being locked.

I need to find some way to have the screen display properly immediately after clicking the Save button. I don't think it will go over too well, if we tell users to click Save and then refresh the page to see the actual updates.