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Issue with permissions to manage Matrix

Question asked by Akhil.Kakkar on Dec 7, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2010 by Chris_Hackett

I created a new cost/rate matrix and mrked it as private. I then clicked the 'Assign Permissions' and moved "User2" from the Available User list to the "Assign User" list. I then saved all the changes i made to the matrix.

User2 could see the matrix in the 'Manage Matrix' list. However for some reason he did not get edit access to it. I checked and the user had the following rights:
Financial Maintenance - Define Matrix
Financial Maintenance - Manage Matrix

I also checked that the matrix was not locked.

I tried the following things but nothing seemed to work:
1) Marked the matrix as public.
2) Removed and added user2 back to the matrix.

In both these cases, user2 could just navigate to the 'Manage matrix' link and see the matrix. He did not get access to the matrix.

When I checked the Manage Matrix list using debug=1, i could see that user2 still had matrixaccess="0" for this matrix.

Can anyone suggest what else needs to be checked, and if at all any other access is missing?