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Timesheet process

Question asked by sreeram.babu on Dec 31, 2010
Latest reply on May 16, 2012 by Slovak
I've a request to design a Time sheet process which needs to send an automatic email to users if the time sheet is open for 4days after the time period ends and after 8 days send email to Prj mgr /Res mgr, as an reminder mail to submit the timesheets.

I've designed the sql query to find out the opened time sheet for all users with respect to Current time period. I could write the gel script for the process using that query.

The problem here is to Auto start condition for this process. How should I set the process condition to auto start when the time sheet is open for 4 days/8 days after the time period ends.

I could also use a Scheduled job (Execute a Process) and set a recurrence, If this procedure is feasible, could you help me get the recurrence condition for this job?

Please help me ASAP, as i need to close this process before this WE