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Introscope Dashboard Customization

Question asked by ashishv on Jan 12, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2011 by SergioMorales
i probably know the answer to these questions but thought i put it out there so if anyone has done things differently can share their experience:

- Is there any way to make the rigid Introscope Console more fluid; AJAXi kind,.., make line graphs more Smoother.
- introduce new graphs like a PIE chart or 3-D line grpahs. histograms OR Area charts?
- TABULAR CHARTS !!!!!! (oldest and most simple graphs, introscope console is still VERY limited in this one )
- open URL's within a Pane of Introscope and show the values... ex: if i have a 3rd party monitoring system and want to show a snippet of that URL in introscope i can just create a pane and provide the URL and show the values. ( I COULD DO THIS IN BIG BLUE'S OFFERING, sad to say but i do miss the darn product i.e. Tivoli)

common people i am sure some of you have had these kind of requirements or needs to get this rigid console more workable and Fluid and pretty and nice for people who really pay for these solutions (A.K.A senior mgmt).

How did you Resolve/circumvented these requirements?

and oh yeah, sorry for the rant, it is hard not to though... when u have such limited scope of flexibility :( :sad


Ashish Vashisht