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Understanding Metric Count and Metric Clamping

Question asked by VLu on Feb 4, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2011 by SergioMorales
I have been puzzled by the Metric Count. I'm seeing three different numbers of Metric Count for the same agent. Which one to use, can someone enlighen me? See attached screen shots.

[size=5]Part 1:[size]
Metric clamping on the Collector is to 30,000
IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log shows clamping is taking place. This means the agent is AWARE of more than 30,000 metrics but being clamped to COLLECT 30,000 metrics only, agree?

2/04/11 12:14:02 PM EST [WARN] [Manager.Agent] The Agent is reporting too many metrics (current=30000, max=30000). New metrics will not be accepted

[size=5]Part 2:[size]
The agent's IntroscopeAgent.profile has this property set to true ->
This will add the Metric Count to Hostname|Process|AgentName|Agent Stats:Metric Count (see attached screen shot)

[size=5]Part 3:[size]
In the Investigator tree, in the following order, also shows the Metric Count for the same agent (see attached screen shot)

Custom Metric Host (Virtual)
Custom Metric Process (Virtual)Custom Metric Agent (Virtual)(SuperDomain)AgentsHostnameProcessAgentNameMetric Count