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Security in a OBS Hierarchy Lookup

Question asked by Angeline on Feb 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2011 by Dave
We added the following lookup to a portlet for Timesheet Notes. This query was to restrict users to only seeing timesheets they have permission to view.

However, where the lookup used to show the OBS in a "click down" hierarchy, it is now showing each OBS.


Before you would need to click the OBS unit to drill down into the structure:
+ President
--> + VP of Support
--> + VP & CIO

Now they are all viewable and ordered by id:
VP of Support

  FROM prj_obs_units a,
       prj_obs_units_flat flat,
       prj_obs_associations assoc,
       srm_resources resource
 where = flat.unit_id
   and flat.branch_unit_id = assoc.unit_id
   and assoc.record_id =
   and assoc.table_name = 'SRM_RESOURCES'
   and resource.user_id = @WHERE:PARAM:USER_ID@
   and @FILTER@
The question: Is there a way to have this security and still have the OBS hierarchy drill down ability? Please let me know if I haven't explained this well.

Thank you!