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Upgrade from v8.1 to v12.1

Question asked by navzjoshi00 Champion on Feb 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2011 by Murali_K
Dear All

We are going for upgrade from 8.1 - 12.1

The upgrade has been completed on the development environment. There are a few observations / issues that have come up. Although we have logged call with CA for the few, just wanted to check if anyone has faced / observed these and if there is any recommendation stated -

1. New job: Create BusinessObjects Users / Update Business Objects Report Tables - What is the exact purpose of these jobs ?

2. Report Resources and Skills / Resource Finder / Resource Planning portlets remain slow is slow - has very slow performance - Has anyone observed this ?

3. Financials Portlet does not display Planned Cost & Planned Benefit / Investments Portlet does not display Planned Cost - Is this a bug ?

4. Risk/Reward Quadrants (Base) Portlet does not show data / Benefits by Goal (Base) Portlet shows incorrect data

5. Resource Availability is incorrectly displayed.

6. Number of Slices increased

7. Manually reschedule any reports that were previously scheduled to run. Reports whose schedules were set up before the upgrade will not start run after the upgrade to CA Clarity PPM v12.1

A quick response would be much appreciated ... :)

Thanks & Regards