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User XOG Wiping Resource Fields

Question asked by Owen_R on Feb 18, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2013 by Niks
We are developing a XOG/Gel based solution to bulk create resources and users by taking data from a new object and populating the appropriate XML files in a job.

We first XOG in the resource details, then we run a User write script to add the newly created user to any additional groups, and assign extra rights and so on.

The problem I'm getting is that the user write part overwrites a couple of fields on the resource record. One field is a custom attribute and the other is the Department OBS. If I just run the resource write script then values in both those fields are correctly set based on what is in the ojbect record, but of course the user record is just the basic empty shell with no extra groups etc.

I have made the resource custom attribute not required at the attribute level (with a default), but the user write script puts the default in. The department OBS value is blanked out by the user write, even if I include the value in the OBS ASSOCS tag in the XML.

Having looked at the User write schema, I can't see a way of writing a custom resource attribute through XOG, as they don't seem to be accepted. And as there is no Department OBS showing up in the User OBS screen I'm stumped on that one.

This is on base 12.06 using MS SQL. Any one got any ideas?