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CEM TIM Installation

Question asked by navve01 Employee on Feb 21, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by mukesh_singh
I am doing a test installation of CA Wily APM 9.0.x for demo purpose.

For this,I have installed Introscope on windows server 2008 SP2.

Now, I am installing new TIM software appliance.
For this, I have installed Linux on a VMware machine using RHEL4.7-Beta-i386-ES-DVD.iso .
As per the documentation, the shortcuts like "APM Setup Page" , "Post-install-notes" etc are
not appearing on the Linux desktop.

And also httpd is also not running by default and I guess httd is not installed by default.

how to proceed for installing tim software now?

Could anyone please explain in detail of the TIM installation, in my case.

does any switch or router is required for test installation of TIM software ?

I appreciate the help in this regard.