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XOG-3907: Actuals cannot be imported (when xogging)

Question asked by Akhil.Kakkar on Feb 22, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2011 by Akhil.Kakkar
Hi All,

I followed the below steps:

1) Created a project and financially enabled it.
2) Added 2 resources as staff to the project with 100% allocation. Both the resources were financially enabled.
3) Created a task and assigned the task to both the resources.
4) Went to the timesheet of one of the resources and submitted the timesheet for the task created in step 3.
5) Approved the timesheet.
6) Ran the "Post Timesheets Job". Confirmed that there were no invalid transactions. (New transactions were listed for the project)
7) Ran the "Post Transactions to Financials " job. It completed successfully.
8) On the "Post to WIP" screen, searched for the transactions and hit Apply.
9) Confirmed that I could see the Actuals on the task.

Now I xogged out the project (including the resources, allocations, estimates and actuals).
In the XML, changed the projectID and xogged in the XML.

The project got created successfully, but I got the warning "XOG-3907: Actuals cannot be imported on tracked resources in tracked project" in the output XML. I found that the ETC on the task/assignment was reduced but the actuals did not go in.

Has anyone encountered this before? Any pointers/tips would be appreciated. Thanks.