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System Default not clearing the Browse Page FIlter fields

Question asked by PallaviS on Feb 28, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2011 by PallaviS

We are using Clarity v12 sp6.

We have a dashboard with page filter(using Filter Portlet) on it. Some of the fields on this Filter Portlet are browse fields mapped to lookups

The issue we are facing is:

1. User selects value A in browse field(linked to lookups) on the Page filter and clicks on Filter.
2. The results are returned based on the filter criteria.
3. User clicks on System Default in the Filter drop-down. Here is where we are facing the issue: The value A selected in step 1 in browse fields is not cleared, other fields are getting cleared. It also seems that the filter is ignoring the value A but it still displays it on the screen.

Has somebody else faced similar issue? Can you share if you have found a resolution?