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Actuate and Clarity v12.1

Question asked by baro.brice on Mar 3, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2011 by another_martink

We are willing to test migrating our current Clarity version (8.0) to version 12.1 and have several Actuate based reports that we want to keep.

Our strategy is to start from a fresh installation of Clarity (i.e.: installing the "out of the box" v12.1) then migrate the data, the customizations and the reports from our current Clarity version to the new one. However we are facing the following issue: what options do we have to implement Actuate 9 and keep our reports given the fact that Actuate is not included anymore with version 12.1?

Grateful if you can share any experience you have on upgrading from an old version of Clarity where Actuate was still supported to a later version where it is not. More specifically how did you manage to keep your actuate reports?