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BIZ_COM_PERIODS primary key / sequence

Question asked by Dave on Mar 11, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2011 by Dave
Anyone know how the the primary key works on BIZ_COM_PERIODS?


I am trying (through the application- nothing "unsupported" here) to create new fiscal time periods for my (single, default) entity and its throwing a "unique key" problem with the insert into BIZ_COM_PERIODS. When I SQLTRACE my session I can see that it is trying to insert the new record with an ID that already exists in the table.

There is an Oracle sequence BIZ_COM_PERIODS_S1, but it does not appear to be using this (since the NEXTVAL in that sequence is completely different to the ID that the application is using in its insert) - I can't see any other Oracle sequence that has a NEXTVAL in the range of the value that is being attempted to be created either.... and there is nothing in the PRCOUNTER table either that looks like the number it is trying to use.

Luckily it increments the value on each attempt I make to create the record in the APP, so I was able to repeatedly press "Save" (raising the error) until it came up with an ID that was not already used... and then the insert worked. So I am just curious as to how this is working.

For the record (and this may well be pertinent) my system is a 8.1 upgraded from 7.5.3 - we do not use financials at all, I am just trying to do the bare minimum to get the datamart to run in a development system - (I'd like to know whats going on if I ever need to do this in my PROD system). We have never created any BIZ_COM_PERIODS through XOG nor SQL either - all my existing BIZ_COM_PERIOD records were craeted as part of the 753 to 81 upgrade.