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Xog in changes the two existing attributes.

Question asked by sreeram.babu on Mar 18, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2011 by sreeram.babu
Hi ,

On Client side, Clarify has been integrated with many application. One of the application sends data to update custom attributes of Project object in the form of XML. That XML is xogged into clarity through scheduled tasks. After xogging in , the two of the attributes(Boolean Data type) whose value changes from the value set by the user. These two attributes is not even in the XML provided for XOG in. I couldn't find any problem in the logs too. When I ran the audit trace on these two attributes, I found the problem caused by this XOG in job.

Is there any idea how the values of these two attributes change, even though they are not present in the XML file which is xogged in ?