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Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Mar 28, 2011
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ADS to Mapping Date-Time Stamp
This Culprit program reads all Dialog Load modules in an Application data Dictionary Load Area, extracts the Date:Time Stamp for the associated Map, then checks the Map Load module in the same Load Area to verify that the Map's actual Date-Time stamp is the same. An exception report is produced of mismatches, and a flat file of all of the details is created for all dialogs, to allow comparison between Dictionaries from the same or different CV's.
As well as a BINary file which is a mainframe PDS containing the Culprit source in XMIT format - the ZIP file includes a PPT that explains how to install the tool and shows what the output should look like when it has run successfully. The report does an area sweep of the dictionary load area, and for each dialog with an associated map it CALCs across to the map load module. It runs quite quickly at our shop where we have > 3000 dialogs.
Enjoy - cheers - Gary
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