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NEED HELP FAST Inv.Labor_Basesum different from Basleine_Details.usage_sum

Question asked by bfarquhar on Mar 28, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2011 by Robert Ensinger
I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting different numbers when I look at the labor_basesum in INV_INVESTMENTS and compare it to the sum of the task level usage_sum form the PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS.

I need to figure this out fast as I have a deadline looming. Any help people could provide would be much appreciated.

Here is my SQL... (Its not an SQL issue... Just trying to understand the differneces in the 2 fields)


(inv.labor_basesum/3600) inv_labor_basesum

, SUM(bd.usage_sum/3600) bd_usage_sum
from niku.inv_investments inv
Left Outer Join niku.prtask t on = t.prprojectid
Left Outer Join niku.prj_baseline_details bd on t.prid = bd.object_id
Where = 5022667  VBCP - Admin RER
Where = 5005073 -- Dental Pilot
AND t.pristask = 1
AND bd.object_type = 'task'
AND bd.is_current = 1
group by inv.labor_basesum

Definitions from the Tech Ref Guide.

This value is the sum of all baseline usages for labor resources assigned to the investment team. The value is stored in seconds.

Total baselined effort (i.e., actual plus the remaining work) in seconds.