Task level Process conundrum

Discussion created by Kery on Mar 31, 2011
Hi all,
I need to create a Task level process based on two criteria. (I need to the process to send an email if both criteria are met)

*The first criteria is a no brainer - basically if the task ID = 'xyz'. 
The second criteria is giving me some grief however. I need the task to = 'xyd' AND the task to have been updated.

I was thinking at first I could set the secondary criteria to be AND LAST_UPATED_DATE > some sort of getdate syntax (which I havent even begun to research). Problem is - when creating the process through the process gui - there is no greater than symbol only equals or not equals.

Is there an alternate method for setting up the condition criteria within a process step? Or is there a different set of logic I could be using to meet the requirments?

I appreciate any ideas! Thanks! - Kery