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FTP from GEL script to Root Directory of Web Mailbox

Question asked by FHN on Apr 5, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2011 by Keri Taylor
I have a GEL script that creates a flat file, and that is working well. Now, I wish to transmit that file (via FTP) to a web mailbox (that is, to the root of a specified IP address) in the same GEL script that creates the file. I'm using the FTP tag library available with GEL script, and am getting hung up on the requirement to specify a value for the variable remoteDir. If I either omit the remoteDir or set it equal to a null string (i.e., ""), I get an error upon execution. My FTP statements are as follows:

<ftp:open hostName="${hostName}" port="${port}" user="${user}" password="${password}">
<ftp:put fileName="${user}.prod" localDir="\\${srvName}${filePath}" remoteDir="${remoteDir}"/>

When I use a value of "/" for remoteDir, I get no error, but the file doesn't wind up at the desired destination either. (And, yes, I've tried the FTP from a Windows command prompt, so I know I've got the Host name, port, user name, password, etc., correct.)

Any help would be appreciated.