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Question asked by snturner1 on Apr 6, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2011 by Dave
Trying to get Open Workbench to lunch from Clarity. This is a new install of Clarity 12.1.

When we launch Open Workbench the CA Clarity PPM Host defaults to the wrong server. If I adjust the URL name to the correct host, it works fine. Close and repoen OWB from Clarity and the host has reverted back to the wrong host name. Clearly it is find the host name in the NSA but I can't find it.

If OWB is launched from the PC link, it retains the correct URL. Launching it from Clarity, it retrieves the wrong URL.

I have verified that the "Scheduler Entry URL" is correct. Checked the URL's of the app and nsa. I am think I have a field that is not very descriptive that is holding the wrong URL. I have checked to see if the URL exists anywhere in the NSA. I can't find it any where.

Can someone point me in the rigth direction?

Thank You