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Read-only attributes based on task dates

Question asked by Mike.M on Apr 12, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2011 by Owen_R
Hi all,

I am currently creating a 'Status Report' object (we have not bought the PMO Accelerator) which will contain the various data elements my organization is interested in seeing. I'm looking for recommendations on how to create the following:

[*]Pre-filled/read-only planned date attributes for stage closures (taken from key milestone tasks with prescribed names)
[*]Calculated status flag based on current date, current stage, and scheduled stage closure date (if in past = red, etc.)
[*](Possible future item) Pre-filled/read-only planned date for all scheduled key milestones.
The object would contain this pre-filled and calculated information, and also have other inputs for the PM to enter (which will just be a number of other attributes).

All ideas/recommendations are welcome :)