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Xog xml to read and write Applications into Clarity

Question asked by Skompally on Apr 17, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by rtumolo
Hi All,

I'm pretty much new to Clarity. And now i have a task at hand to XOG Applications into Clarity.

As far as i have searched, i've not found any threads relating to xogging Applications to/from Clarity, though i've found threads relating to xogging Departments, Projects etc. and From the posts i've read so far, i understand that, the best way to do this is to xog-out an Application from Clarity, and using the output xml, we can easily xog-in a new Application into Clarity.

But from the sample read and write xml's that are present in the Clarity installation folder, i see only inv_applications_read.xml an appropriate read xml to xog-out an Application from Clarity.

Can anyone please confirm that i'm looking at the correct read xml file and is it the right way to do it.
And has anyone xogged-in Applications into Clarity before.

Please suggest.

Thanks in Advance,
Swathi K.