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8.2.3 Agent showing gaps in metrics

Question asked by andy.peters on Apr 28, 2011
Latest reply on May 9, 2011 by Michal.Chrostowski
We have just put an 8.2.3. agents into one of our production systems and we are seeing big gaps in metrics. Once any load gets on the system the agent shows a dot for metrics everyonce in awhile(sometimes will go 5 to ten minutes before reporting a metric) We had a 7.2 agent on the same production system for years and it did not show these gaps. We have tried putting the weblogic base agent on the machine it showed the issue. We put a customrized 8.2 agent that emulated the old 7.2 agent and it shows the same problems. We have spent hours trying to find a solution for this. The system uses fairly standard JVM design( EJB's, JMS, Servlets, JSPS and a sql server backend). The JVM is on a weblogic 10.x application server.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.