CA Tuesday Tip: Reminders about Smartstor tool usage

Discussion created by SergioMorales Employee on May 11, 2011
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CA Wily Tuesday Tip by Sergio Morales for 05/10/2011

Hi All,

Here is a list of some recommendations and common issues reported to support, some of these issues are not documented in any userguide.

1. Make sure you use the correct version of the tool:

If you are using an older version than, you need to download the unofficial version of the tool from CSO as mentioned in Knowledge base # 2229

If you are using a and any onward versions, this tool is available under the "Tools" directory of your Introscope EM installation.

2. The following documents covers in details how to use the smartstor tool:

For v9 x see wyisc_introscope_configuration_administration_guide9.x.x.x.pdf, "Using Smartstor tool to tune Smartstor data"
For v8.2.x see Introscope8.2.x.x_README.pdf, "2.3 SmartStor Tools"

3. CA Wily Technology recommends shutting down the Enterprise Manager when running SmartStor tools.
Since Enterprise Managers create SmartStor data when running, if you use SmartStor tools, the results can be unpredictable.

4. Before running any of the Smartsotr tool commands that have a destination argument (-dest/-backup), make sure to create the destination directory first.

5. SmartStorTools "Prune" syntax in v8.2.x is not what is stated in DDS:

If you are using v8.2.x, note the switch to specify the destination or target directory is "-backup":

On Windows: <EM_Home>\tools>SmartStorTools.bat prune -src <path to data directory> -backup <path to backup directory>
On UNIX: <EM_Home>/tools> prune -src <path to data directory> -backup <path to backup directory>

In v9.x, this has been fixed and it is now "-dest"

On Windows: <EM_Home>\tools>SmartStorTools.bat prune -src <path to data directory> -dest <path to backup directory>
On UNIX: <EM_Home>/tools> prune -src <path to data directory> -dest <path to backup directory>

6. The example provided under the "Using the test_regex command to find a SmartStor data problem" section in the userguides contains an incorrect syntax:

"SmartStorTools.bat test_regex -metrics -src <EM_Home>\data"
" test_regex -metrics -src ../data | grep '|'.* | awk -F'|' '{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c"

the above command will not work, because the regular expression for the agents is missing. The correct syntax are: test_regex -metrics <agents regexp> -src ../data
Ie: test_regex -metrics ".*" -src ../data

And test_regex -metrics <agents regexp> -src ../data | grep '|'.* | awk-F'|' '{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c
Ie: test_regex -metrics ".*" -src ../data | grep '|'.* | awk -F'|' '{print $1}' | sort | uniq -c

7. About the Smartstor tool "remove_metrics" commnad:
The remove_metrics command merely removes the metric values, not its name. So if a metric has 200 values, remove_metrics will remove those values, but not the name. To get the test_regex output to not show the metric name, one needs to do a prune command, which will remove the metric name, but only if that metric has no values.

8. (bug#67224) - SmartStorTools merge command fails with
at com.wily.introscope.server.enterprise.entity.fsdb.metadata.memoryimpl.MetadataFile.unsync_getMetricID(

This fix is available in 9.0.6.x releases and onwards releases And will be incldued in the coming release.

9. (bug#67716) SmartStorTool agent regexp doesn't work when using the fully qualified Agent name

The regexp doesn't work when you want to list,remove,keep agents using its fully qualified name: <domain>\|<hostname>\|<process>\|<agentname>

For example: If you have an agent name "SuperDomain\|MyServer\|Jboss Agents\|My Jboss", issuing the following commands will do anything as the regexp is unable to locate the agent:

SmartStorTools.bat list_agents -agents "SuperDomain\|MyServer\|Jboss Agents\|My Jboss" -src "c:\Introscope9.0.5.0\data"
SmartStorTools.bat remove_agents -agents "SuperDomain\|Myserver\|Jboss Agents\|My Jboss" -src C:\Introscope9.0.5.0\data -dest C:\Introscope9.0.5.0\dataNEW

The fix will be available in the coming and, however if you need a fix for previous versions, please contact support.
There is a desktop build available for and

NOTE: A desktop build is a fix created by engineering that has not been tested by QA. We normally send a desktop build to customer to verify the fix in test environment, once it is validated, we schedule the fix to go into the next available patch or service pack.

10. Current limitation: Smartstor tool is not yet able to delete data for specific period of time.

I hope this helps.


Sergio Morales