Issue in setting up XOG with a WSDL

Discussion created by ChristopherF on May 11, 2011
Latest reply on May 13, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Hello, I am new to using Xog and am trying to get a WSDL query to retrieve information about projects we have in Clarity to our website (coded in Ruby on Rails). We can log in and log out of Clarity using the webservice, but we are getting an error when trying to read project information.
We are using the SessionID we recieved using the Login method, but we get the following error:
"No active session. Please login or provide a valid session identifier."
We can get also retrieve the information via the XogClient on the Clarity interface. We are using the SessionID we recieved using the Login method. Are we missing some permissions? What permissions do we need to have for this to work?
If permissions are not the issue, does anyone have any idea on what we might be doing wrong? Perhaps a step by step guide to setting something like this up (I couldn't find it for a wsdl in the Basics post) would be helpful.

Thanks for any assistance.

Chris Fishburn