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Help in Subobjects and Partitions

Question asked by jvguillermo on May 18, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by DaniPerez
Hi Everyone! I'm new in Clarity and a big fan of this community since reading past posts have helped me so much. Right now, I have a problem and can't seem to find it in any part of forums. Anyway, my problem is with the difficulty i'm having in subobject we created for Projects and how it should not be shown in other partitions.

We have a Partition Model with 2 partitions. We have also associated Project in this Partition Model. Anyway, we have created around 8 subobjects for the object Project. The problem is that this suboject subpages should only be seen in Partition1 but I can see the subpages in Partition 2 also. (I didnt know that creating a subpage would automatically create a subpage link in the master object.)

I cant find any option where I can remove this subpages link when I try to configure the views for Partition 2. Am I missing something? Or is it since the Master Project is associated to the Partition Model, the Subobjects are automatically part of the two partitions? But aren't we supposed to have an option if we want to show the subpage in one partition or not?

I'd appreciate the knowledge and help you can give. This subobject and partition is confusing me.

Thanks so much!!!! :)

- Vanessa