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Upgrade from MSP2003 to MSP 2007

Question asked by sundar on May 19, 2011
Latest reply on May 20, 2011 by sundar

we are using MSP 2003 and using MSP as the scheduler tool for clarity.Recently our organization decided to move to MS office 2007 and it is been done in batches.Clarity users whose Machine are migrated to MSP 2007 faced Run time Error.When they try to open the project via clarity they faced this error.

We found that when MS office 2007 is installed by default the Tools - Macros – Security is set as High then we changed it to Tools - Macros – Security - Medium but still we find the same issue.

Then we raised with CA support and as advised by CA Support -->

we went it to MSP 2007 and got to Tools - Macros – Security and modified the setting is at Medium.

Then we went to the MSP Installed Path - MSPInterface\data and double clicked on the MSPAdd2k.mpp file

Then the user is able to view the project from Clarity to MSP .When we opened the project via MSP it is prompting that it is in 2003 format so that can it overwrite to 2007.We clicked yes and every thing is fine.

But we have 2000 PM users so we cannot do it for all.This needs to be done dynamically via Packing Team.They are asking for an code from CA and CA support told they will check and revert back.

My question is how other users handled it?.Manually or Dynamically.Pls revert back and also share your experience.