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Can you view dependent project tasks at a prgram level?

Question asked by Jim_Fuhring on May 24, 2011
Latest reply on May 26, 2011 by Robert Ensinger
I had a Project Manager ask me a question about Clarity that I couldn’t answer.

They have a Program with multiple projects (sub-projects under the program).
Within the projects they have tasks/resources assigned (similar to Microsoft Project)
They have dependencies between various tasks (not unusual within a single project)
However, some of the dependencies extend between tasks in different projects (sub-projects)
Example 1: Maybe “Joe” needs to complete the deployment of a database in an infrastructure project BEFORE “Bob” can develop reports within a report generation project
Example 2: Maybe “Joe” needs to finish his task in project “A”, before he is available to do a task in project “B”
The question is: Can you see the dependencies from a PROGRAM level (i.e. will the program in Clarity roll up all of the tasks and dependencies)?
Additionally… if the (in example 2) task in project “A” gets delayed by 3 months, will the task in project “B” reflect this delay in resource availability?

Thanks for your assistance.