CA Tuesday Tip: EM clock-sync issues which result in the EM shutting down?

Discussion created by SergioMorales Employee on May 31, 2011
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CA Wily Tuesday Tip by Sergio Morales - Principal Support Engineer for 05/31/2011

Hi Everyone,

Here is another common issue. If the EM is shutting down and you see the follow error message in your Introscope EM log, then you should check the following points:

"[Manager.Cluster] Collector clock is too far skewed from MOM. Collector clock is skewed from MOM clock by *** ms. The maximum allowed skew is 3,000 ms. Please change the system clock on the collector EM."
1. CA Wily strongly recommends that you set up your clustered systems so that machines running Enterprise Managers synchronize their system clocks with a time server such as an NTP server. If there is no NTP server available, try, as a workaround, to set the collectors to sync with the MOM, e.g. ntpdate -u momhostname, schedule it to run every hour.

2. Please note that there are some known clock-sync issues with VMWare, especially with Linux. The below docs from VMWare site describe the issues:

3. Review Sizing Guide v9, there is a specific Chapter about Virtualization: Chapter 10: VMWare Requirements and Recommendations. This information is still valid for v8.

However, if the problem persists, you should contact support and make sure to provide the following information from all your Introscope EMs (MOM and Collectors)
- zipped content of EM_HOME/logs
- EM_HOME/config/Introscope Enterprose
- Hardware specs and a general overview of the implementation indicating where the collectors and MOM are
- Are the EMs on the same cluster? Is there a firewall involved?