CA IDMS 18.0 z/OS now GA

Discussion created by Gary_Cherlet on Jun 2, 2011
Dear CA IDMS 18.0 community,
We are pleased to announce that CA IDMS Version 18.0 for z/OS and CA IDMS Visual DBA Version 18.0 are [color=#0307FD]now Generally Available[color] for ordering and download at CA Support Online.

A new release of the entire mainframe CA IDMS product family, CA IDMS/DB Version 18.0 expands zIIP exploitation, fully supports CA MSM, and adds significant productivity, availability and open access enhancements to address your organization's online and batch processing, transactions from the Web, and other distributed access.

Please select the product package called [color=#0307FF]IDMS/DB - MVS for 18.0[color]. There are a lot of items in the package including many components of CA Mainframe Software Manager (MSM). The CA IDMS 18.0 documentation set is also available. CA IDMS Version 18.0.00 Release Notes lists changes and new features in Version 18.0 and each changed document contains a list of changes for that document.

We appreciate your business and support of CA IDMS and believe you will find CA IDMS Version 18.0 to be a high-quality release that will help meet your business application and IT requirements.

On behalf of the CA IDMS product team, thank you.

Greg Beedy
Sr Principal Product Manager
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